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  Private Lessons  

One of the best ways to learn a dance based on your experience level and personal preference is through one-on-one private instruction

Easily find and book your next class on our MINDBODY app.   To get started, create an account. Once logged in, simply tap on the search icon and type in Babs McDance Social Dance Club and Ballroom name to see our schedule and book your next class. After you book you can easily find us again from your Favorites.  Download the MINDBODY app today.  See you soon!   

Private lessons are a wonderful opportunity for an individual or couple to work one-on-one with an instructor. An instructor will design a personal lesson plan that fits your specific needs and goals in the dance genres of your choice. You are free to focus on one dance at a time or create a comprehensive program. Your private or personal group lesson plans may include, but are not limited to the following: focus on a specific dance, general variety of introduction, general social dance, highly-skilled social dance, or wedding or event preparation.


Lessons are typically scheduled for an hour with 45 -50 minutes of instruction and dance time. 


Prices range from $50 - $95. You can pay for private lessons as you go, or you can pay for packages at a reduced rate. Please contact the studio for pricing and to schedule your private lessons provided by a qualified instructor in a supportive environment. Call us today at 910-395-5090 to schedule your first lesson!



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