I have been teaching dance fitness for many years, but Zumba Fitness is my absolute favorite. I love watching all the smiling sweaty faces as we have a blast dancing away to the fun latin rhythms. I especially love the look on the "newbies" when they experience the exhilaration and freedom of that first class and I know they will be returning for more! Teaching Zumba Fitness classes is my passion. My emphasis is to really TEACH Zumba, not to perform for you. Do you love to dance? If the sound of latin rhythms makes your toes tingle and your hips start to twitch you've got all you need to join in and enjoy a Zumba Fitness class. My classes are "classic" Zumba® - lots a Salsa, Merengue and Cumbia with a touch of Flamenco  Cha Cha, Bachata  Tango.....You get the picture! You don't need to be a good dancer, or even have to know how to dance to fully participate. I'll show you what to do, and you can add all the flavor you want...or not. It's about how YOU feel the music. So come and try one of my classes today! Come dance with me so I can share my passion with you

Jackie Robinson

Babs McDance Social Dance Club & Ballroom

6782 Market Street Wilmington, NC   |   910-395-5090   |   info@babsmcdance.com