Dorothy  Darling


"Celebrating” 30 years of Innovative Professional Bellydance Artistry in Performance and Instruction"

Specializing in classic Turkish and Egyptian Raks Sharki meaning “Dance of the East”

This ancient form of artistic movement combines balance, posture and a clear articulate teaching format for hips, upper body and arm work. Physical benefits of this dance form are many. Improving flexibility, reducing stress, keeping in shape and introducing a general feeling of health and well-being.

Spinning her veils through 30 years of classes, performances, workshops, festivals, documentaries and directing and producing an Arabian Nights Adventure has shaped her into a dancer with depth and intent. Studies include the academy of Oriental Dance in NY, Transformation Center of Healing Art and Moving Meditation at Boston University and still an active member of the Northeast Belly Dance Association.  Her articulate clarity of movement carries through to her teaching ability, making the learning experience most satisfying and fun!

Bahijha encourages and empowers freedom of movement in dance as a creative paradigm for life.  The grace with which she blends heart and consciousness is inspiring, joyful and vital, bringing her entertainment art to a moving experience for her audience as well as her students.  


Bahijha Meaning Joyful & Delightful

Babs McDance Social Dance Club & Ballroom

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